Tracerline’s TP-8692 UV Multi-Colored Fluid Dye Kit Featured in PTEN Magazine

April 25, 2018

has been featured on the cover of It is the first and only completely customizable, color-coded leak detection kit for all fluid-based vehicle systems.

With a set of color-coded leak detection dyes, a single technician can diagnosis leaks across multiple vehicle systems. The kit includes three color-coded dyes for petroleum and synthetic-based fluids: white dye, yellow dye, and blue dye (red dye is sold separately). These multi-color dyes allow a technician to check for transmission, brake, oil, fuel, power steering, and other fluid-based leaks. The kit also includes a specially designed green fluorescent dye for conventional coolant.

Tracerline’s UV dyes are concentrated, safe to use, and they won’t affect the vehicle system’s chemical properties or change how the fluid works. These specialty dyes can remain safely within the fluid system. That means once the repair is made, the dye can be used as part of a preventative maintenance program. Every time a customer comes back to have their vehicle serviced, all a technician has to do is scan the vehicle’s system with a UV leak detection lamp. If there are new leaks in the system, the fluorescent dye will glow brilliantly and indicate the exact location of all new leaks, across all fluid-based vehicle systems.

Color-Coded UV Dyes Save Time

One of the greatest benefits of the UV Multi-Colored Fluid Dye Kit is that it offers leak detection for all automotive systems – including coolant, brake, transmission, oil, fuel, and other vital vehicle systems. In a single service call, an automotive professional can scan all automotive fluid systems easily with an ultraviolet leak detection lamp.

To use the Multi-Colored Dye Kit’s contents, add the appropriate dye to the systems being serviced. Run the system for ten minutes to let the dye circulate. The TP-8695 has a range of 20 feet and is compact. Leak areas with escaping dye will fluoresce brightly when exposed to ultraviolet light.

In a 2017 survey, more than ¾ of automotive technicians said color-coded UV leak detection dyes have made diagnosing leaks a less time-consuming hassle. 82% of respondents saved at least 30 minutes during the leak detection process (per vehicle system).

Jim Sweeney, a Service Manager at Cummins Cumberland Inc., said, “Tracerline dyes allow us to pinpoint leaks — oil or coolant — without tying up the technician. We can use the dye while we are working on other jobs. It’s a time saver and very accurate.”

More than two-thirds of shop owners reported customer satisfaction “greatly improved” since introducing Tracerline’s fluorescent leak detection dyes as part of their diagnostic and preventative maintenance plan. Based on Tracerline’s 2016 polling data, UV leak detection dyes reduced service callbacks by 67% percent.

How Does UV Fluorescent Leak Detection Work?

UV light is a form of electromagnetic radiation, along with visible light, infrared, and x-rays. UV light radiates at shorter wavelengths than visible light and cannot be seen by the human eye. However, when UV light is absorbed by fluorescent materials, brilliant light is reflected back towards the eye as longer wavelength visible radiation, or visible light. This phenomenon is referred to as UV-induced visible fluorescence.

Because leaks can happen anywhere, it is sometimes very difficult to find all leaks even within the same vehicle system.

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