October 18, 2018

WHITMORE LAKE, MI – , a global leader in photo-video accessories and sports optics, is excited to present at this year’s highly anticipated . PPE will be an opportune time for Vanguard to show off all of its most recent innovations, including the award-winning ALTA Pro 2+ and VEO2 tripods, the new (also award-winning) ALTA FLY 55T trolley backpack, and even some soon-to-be-released gems left hiding behind the figurative curtain! And speaking of awards, Vanguard is honored to be a finalist in two major categories for the LUCIE Technical Awards while in New York! Vanguard’s combo is up for “Best Bag”, and the carbon fiber tripod kit (w/ grip head) is in the running for “Best Tripod”.Winners will be announced on October 25.   ATTENDING PHOTOPLUS? STOP BY BOOTH 142 Members of the media are encouraged to reserve a time to speak with the Vanguard team, as several...

SISU Aesthetic Clinics First in Europe to Offer Free Laser Skin Treatments to Entire Population

October 17, 2018

More than €1mm of free laser treatments will be given away in first year alone, a chain of doctor-led aesthetic clinics in Ireland, has become the first in Europe to offer free laser skin therapy to every adult in the country. SISU expects to give away more than €1mm of free over the next 12 months alone."Seeing is believing when it comes to the effectiveness of laser treatments," says SISU CEO Pat Phelan. "So we decided to put our money where our mouth is. At SISU, your first laser skincare treatment will always be free of charge. This is not a limited-time promotion. Just like our free consultations with doctors for injectable treatments, this will be a permanent part of SISU's patient-centric, gold-standard service." No purchase is necessary to claim a free laser skin rejuvenation treatment. "No money...

Corporate Recycling of Universal Waste, Bulbs, and Lamps – BulbCycle

October 16, 2018

CORPORATIONS FIND IT EASIER THAN EVER TO COMPLY WITH STATE UNIVERSAL WASTE REGULATIONS BulbCycle Helps Corporations Dispose of Universal Waste Pre-paid mail back kits allow corporations to comply with state regulations while saving time and money BulbCycle’s cutting-edge universal waste disposal program recycles batteries, fluorescent bulbs, ballasts, and more, keeping hazardous waste out of landfills A California company is helping corporations comply with state regulations regarding universal waste. BulbCycle, based in San Diego, has created an innovative way to handle universal waste disposal and recycling – pre-paid mail back kits that are sent to be recycled when filled....


October 17, 2018

, the world's first decentralized, AI-driven marketplace, providing real-time solutions to retailers, manufacturers, and consumers, recently featured in , and successfully reaching the 40 M  hard cap during its ICO, has announced that OSA Token will begin trading at CoinEgg exchange starting from 17.10/2018, 15H00 Beijing time.  The OSA Token will be listed with two trading pairs: OSA Token/ETH, OSA Token/BTC. COINEGG, a professional blockchain asset trading platform, that  is dedicated to providing safe and reliable blockchain asset trading services to global digital asset enthusiasts. According to user suggestions and needs, products and services are constantly improved and upgraded to better serve every customer. Innovation and user experience are enhanced endlessly. At present, the platform has more than 100 kinds of blockchain assets openly trading, a daily turnover of more than $100 million, and more than 2 million registered users. COINEGG...

National Stuttering Association Responds To Steve Harvey's Claims About Stuttering

October 16, 2018

A recent episode of Steve Harvey’s television show Steve included a segment during which Mr. Harvey discussed an audience member’s experience with stuttering.  During the conversation, Mr. Harvey was often critical of speech therapists and claimed that stuttering is “curable.” What Mr. Harvey states in this episode is not a stance shared by the National Stuttering Association.Based on decades of research, the precise causes of stuttering are still unknown, although most researchers now consider stuttering to be a neurological condition that interferes with the production of speech.  In some people, the tendency to stutter may be inherited. Although the interference with speech is sometimes triggered by emotional or situational factors, stuttering is basically neurological and physiological – not psychological – in nature.While we applaud Mr. Harvey’s success as a person who stutters, we fear that his blanket statements...

Zwaply Lets You Instantly Exchange Cryptocurrencies Over Twitter

October 16, 2018

Twitter users can now swap 100+ cryptocurrencies in just 10 seconds without leaving Twitter. Using an automated bot, sending DMs to offer a private and secure transaction, Zwaply could be what regular users needed to take cryptocurrencies mainstream. Make no mistake, cryptocurrencies are the future of financial exchanges, but that doesn't mean there aren't kinks to be worked out. Having to use conventional crypto exchanges is one of them, because custody of the crypto assets could be at risk (does Mt Gox ring a bell?).  The good news is that Zwaply has changed all that for the better. Working with over 100 different crypto assets, Zwaply's service operates over Twitter and takes care of transfers and exchanges in seconds. For many involved in the cryptocurrency world, it is truly a dream come true. “We are a non-custodial crypto-to-crypto exchange that lets you swap cryptos instantly, over Twitter, in a secure and private way, where...

Assault Statistics in Canada

October 29, 2018

Content Warning: This article deals with sensitive subject matter around the topic of sexual abuse.Canada is considered a safe and tolerant place to live. However, gender-based violence, harassment and assault are highly prevalent despite this notion. According to the , sexual assault is the only form of violent crime in Canada that is not declining. Since 1999, rates of sexual assault have remained moderately unchanged, while rates of other violent crimes such as robbery and physical assault have gone down.Collecting has always been challenging, due in large part to the fact that roughly 6% of assaults in Canada are reported to police. The discrepancy between reported cases and actual occurrences is tremendous. It is widely acknowledged that 1 in 4 North American women will be sexually assaulted during their lifetime.Portrayals of sexual assault in film and television have created the false notion that most sexual assault is perpetrated by strangers....

Green Cubes Technology Signs Multi-Million Dollar Contract With Preferred Freezer Services

October 16, 2018

Green Cubes Technology (), a leading designer and manufacturer of lithium power systems, announces that it has signed a multi-million dollar agreement with Preferred Freezer Services to supply their Lithium SAFEFlex batteries for their new Big Bear facility in Los Angeles, CA. Preferred Freezer Services provides customers with door-to-door nationwide logistic services that leverage the company’s strategically national footprint. The new facility, opened this past summer, is Preferred Freezer Services’ seventh location and boasts over 491,000 square feet, 32 dock doors, and is focused on cleaner energy. The building is powered from 2 mega watts of solar array power installed on its rooftop. “By committing to using Lithium SAFEFlex in their material handling fleet, Preferred Freezer Services has shown its commitment to helping the environment by using clean energy,” said Adam Brown, Director of Sales for Green Cubes Technology’s Motive Division.... Launches a Series of Famous Paintings’ Reproductions Using Innovative Latex Technology

October 17, 2018

, well-known and established printing company with headquarters in UK, has launched a series of world-known paintings’ reproductions, manufactured using unique Latex printing technology, which allows creation of damage- and elements- resistant art prints. has been on the market for over 10 years. A decade of successful business and hundreds of satisfied clients have helped the company to obtain a better notion of customers’ needs. Which is why has launched a new series of reproductions’ art prints of the world-known painters, such as Vincent Van Gogh, , Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Auguste Renoir, Paul Cézanne, Claude Monet, , and many others. All reproductions come both as unframed and as framed art prints. New...

How Fashion Influences Your Entrepreneurial Success

October 16, 2018

We hate to admit it, but our personal style influences how we come across to the world, our clients, and in turn, directly affects our bottom lines.  With nonverbal communication being how we communicate 93% of the time, our personal style is an influential piece of this communication puzzle. Add on top of that our social media influence in pictures and videos as well as the longevity of such pieces and the personal style we bring to represent our businesses and brands is so much more than “just clothes.” On this week’s episode of Apple Tv’s Brandpreneur™ Network’s hit show Fix My Brand With Ali Craig ( ), the brand’s style, mindset, and nonverbal messages are uploaded as they head into their 7-day professional photo and video shoot in Orlando, Fl. Host and Neuro Human Branding® expert, Ali Craig () says,” As with most clients, these brands...

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