Drone Camp Teaches Kids How to Build and Fly Drones

May 24, 2018

Drones aren’t just for taking aerial photos and videos. They’re now being used to help kids learn about science and technology. Students in Minnesota participated in a drone camp that taught them all about the complex flying machines. KING TeC, which stands for Kids Integrating Newly Grasped Technological and engineering Concepts, hosted last year’s camp and will be holding another one this June. Those attending drone camp learn the necessary steps to build and fly a drone. Last year’s camp was on AirVuz.com. The showcased the competition at the end of the camp, where campers flew their drones through an obstacle course. “I’ve been around technology all my life and I just like to work with this stuff,” said camper Cole P. “It’s really fun.” Campers also learned how to solder in order to build their drones, and also tested their flying skills on a flight simulator...

PulseMD Urgent Care Stops Faxing and Starts Medsending

May 24, 2018

Medsender is proud to announce their partnership with PulseMD Urgent Care. On May 22, 2018, PulseMD Urgent Care entered an agreement to begin sharing and tracking medical records using Medsender. "With Medsender, your medical records get to your doctor in 60 seconds or less, instead of waiting ages for a fax to show up." said Faisal Ashraf, COO at PulseMD Urgent Care. "At PulseMD, our more than 100,000 annual patients will no longer have to worry about records not getting where they need to be- no more chasing down faxes that never went through." Unlike e-fax, Medsender's first-of-its-kind technology allows PulseMD staff to see who viewed the records they share, and allows them to revoke access to any record they sent in case it falls in the wrong hands; all while reducing record sharing costs by 75%. For senders, Medsender takes less than 60 seconds to install and requires no custom IT integration and almost no training.  Recipients...

Milwaukee's Veloce Indoor Speedway Offers Road to the American E-Kart Championship

May 24, 2018

The American E-Kart Championship (AEKC) powered by Monster Energy announced its nationwide, indoor karting series schedule with races starting Monday, May 28 and culminating with the Championship Weekend on Saturday, August 11 and Sunday, August 12 at Accelerate Indoor Speedway & Events, Chicago in Mokena, Ill. with the winner receiving a $10,000 cash prize. The second place winner will receive $2,500, and the third place winner will receive $1,000. Various cash prizes will also be offered in qualifying rounds. Officially sanctioned by the World Karting Association (WKA), the series offers practically anyone the opportunity to be a champion racer. “What makes this series special is that everyone who participates has an equal shot at winning. It’s not about sponsors or having the best engine program. Everyone drives the same karts on the same tracks, and anyone who is old enough and tall enough to drive a kart can show up,” says Donald Wagner,...

PartsTech Issues ACES & PIES “Content Excellence Award”

May 25, 2018

 today released an infographic highlighting the winners of the “ACES & PIES Content Excellence Award” and provided a behind-the-scenes look at the data analysis used in the selection process.  The 2018 ACES & PIES Content Excellence award was presented at the Automotive Content Professionals Network (ACPN) Knowledge Exchange Conference in Fort Worth, TX. The award recognizes suppliers that regularly create rich, accurate product content. Award recipients are “data unicorns” –  sources of excellent catalog data and benchmarks in the industry. PartsTech Director of Data Management, Eric Lough, presented the awards to the following winners at the ACPN conference. 2018 ACES & PIES Content Excellence Award Winners:

TrustNote Announce Strategic Investment in Blockchain Game Asset Exchange BIT.GAME

May 25, 2018

Two of the most innovative next-generation blockchain projects have increased cooperation with the announcement of TrustNote’s strategic investment in BIT.GAME. Both parties will further strengthen cooperation in the areas of blockchain game ecosystem development, marketing, and new blockchain game incubation. The partnership between TrustNote and BIT.GAME has obvious benefits for both parties. TrustNote will promote the BIT.GAME project in the TTT investor community. TTT token holders can use TTT tokens to invest in BIT.GAME and enjoy favorable discounts provided by the BIT.GAME project. The increased partnership will also mean greater integration between TrustNote and the two exchanges operated by BIT.GAME. Custom tokens issued on TrustNote will receive priority listing on BIT.GAME Exchange and BIT.GAME AIDEX, while the TrustNote Super Wallet will directly connect to the trading interfaces of both exchanges. This means that custom tokens and digital assets...

EdMatrix Launched Seamless Agency Management Software

May 24, 2018

In this new digital era, education & migration agency must have dynamic work environment. Organisations can simplify their operations, competency and functionality for the better result. So, take a decision and stay ahead in digital transformation. Synotive, a well-known Australian software development company has launched a new product – EdMatrix. is an agency management software to simplify education and migration agency operations. The EdMatrix software is so simple and easy to use that anybody with no technical experience can breeze through their day to day tasks using one simple software. EdMatrix enables users to handle appointment and event schedule from the first dashboard screen easily so that education & migration industries can manage multiple operations together effortlessly. With very positive feedback from industry leaders in Australia, EdMatrix is gaining popularity...

OVCODE Switzerland Launches a Revolutionary Blockchain Verification Engine For Digital & Physical Assets

May 25, 2018

OVCODE is set to shake-up a wide range of sectors—from the entertainment industry & business, all the way to government institutions—with their release of a decentralized global asset verification engine. Built using blockchain technology, OVCODE makes it possible to protect and verify the existence, ownership, validity, and history of global assets or items you own that are of value. The implications of such a system are far reaching with the technology already being implemented across the world. The international team at OVCODE have a combined experience of more than 30 years in everything from blockchain development to asset management and marketing. OVCODE makes it easy for individual users, institutions, corporations and governments to publish their assets on the Blockchain. OVCODE assigns a unique digital identity to assure the highest levels of integrity that’s virtually incorruptible. OVCODE’s foundation consists of verification of assets...

Mortgage Coach Enhances Partnership with Optimal Blue, Adding Real-Time, Compliant Pricing to POS Financial Analyses

May 23, 2018

, creator of the mortgage industry’s most comprehensive point-of-sale borrower conversion platform, is proud to announce a game-changing innovation with , the leading provider of secondary marketing automation in the mortgage industry. Through direct integration with Optimal Blue’s robust API platform, every Mortgage Coach application now seamlessly connects real-time, compliant product and pricing data with the compelling financial analyses Mortgage Coach is known for. Through this collaborative effort and newly expanded product offering, Mortgage Coach and Optimal Blue enhance their long-standing strategic partnership and take their industry value proposition to a whole new level.  “Without ever leaving the Mortgage Coach app on their mobile device, loan officers can create informative, side-by-side comparisons highlighting multiple loan programs and comprehensive pricing information in just seconds,” explained Bob Brandt, Vice President...

Julius Curry Acquires Ownership of No. 33 Truck in NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

May 17, 2018

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Julius Curry, owner of Julius Curry Racing, acquired ownership of the No. 33 truck in the NASCR Camping World Truck series.  The No. 33 truck is driven by Josh Reaume. The pair raced their first race as an owner-driver tandem at the Kansas Speedway at the KC Masterpiece 400 on May 11. "I'm very excited to retain ownership of the No. 33 truck," said Curry. "I'm very passionate about bringing NASCAR and the motorsports to new audiences. I believe that motorsports are ripe for growth and by diversifying the face of ownership, we'll be able to begin to cultivate a new generation of owners and drivers. My goal is to make motorsports accessible and a viable option to everyone across generations, creeds, gender and ethnicities."  Curry, who gained full ownership of the truck on prior to the Masterpiece 400, was previously in a long-term partnership with Reaume and his ownership team of Reaume...

Senior Industry Executives Join The Fabric to Support Five-Year Vision for Cloud Infrastructure

May 24, 2018

The Fabric, a pioneer in co-creating companies focused on cloud and IoT infrastructure technology, today announced that the following new advisory board members have joined: Pankaj Patel, former EVP and CDO with Cisco, and Alan Boehme, CTO of P&G. These new advisors join an unparalleled advisory board of existing members that includes Investor/Advisor and Former SVP with Citrix Klaus Oestermann, Former President of CenturyLink Gary Gauba, Former Chief Strategy Officer of NetApp Vic Mahadevan, VP and Citrix Fellow Abhishek Chauhan, Founder of Sand Hill Group MR Rangaswami, and CMO of Quali Shashi Kiran. The Fabric launched with a vision to create multiple companies that solve the emerging problems and deliver the needed infrastructure to power the next wave of cloud computing. Through each pool of capital raised, The Fabric has been able to focus on key market needs. With Fabric 1, the company focused on cloud infrastructure; Fabric 2 added the emerging IoT market; and Fabric...

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